"shyster" in American Periodical Series Online

Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
Fri Nov 15 22:30:40 UTC 2002


   I don't understand this.  How can there be over 50 hits on
"shyster" before "my" first citation without any of them being for
    Also (for ads-l), to give credit where credit is due, the earliest
two attestations of "shyster" (July 29, 1843, spelled "shyseter,"
"shiseter") and several later ones were spotted not by me but by
Roger Mohovich (pronounced Muh-HOH-vich), former librarian at the New
York Historical Society. I presented them in my first monograph on
"shyster," with full acknowledgment to Mohovich for his discovery.


>At 11:40 PM -0500 11/14/02, Bapopik at AOL.COM wrote:
>    Yes, there are a _huge_ number of false hits on the American
>Periodical series online.
>    The first "iced tea" was the one I gave here.  The earlier "hit"
>wasn't a hit.
>    Take "canoodle"--please!  12 early false hits!
>    Take "shyster."  Over 50 hits before Gerald Cohen's first
>citation, but none of them are for "shyster"!
>    It's a tool.  The Gerritsen Collection search engine is poor,
>too.  But APS is going to get much better with the added
>publications, and it's definitely worth checking, despite the false
>early hits.
>    All that time I wasted today looking for "canoodle" in medical
>publications!  AH!!!!

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