Scrapple (1852)

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   For those of you who don't like the 1848 "scrapple," here's an 1852 "scrapple" from the North American Women's Letters and Diaries database.  DARE has 1855.

1. Holley, Sallie. "Letter from Sallie Holley to Caroline F. Putnam, 1852"
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the air two or three times; introduced to a tall, unshaven, uncombed unwashed man with terribly dirty clothes and boots thick with mud and manure; your things taken off, you are presently invited out into a dirty, dingy kitchen to sit down to highly-spiced sausages, or a dish here denominated `scrapple,' and hot, thick, heavy pancakes, picking out two or three flies from your drink whatever it may be. "And though you have been lecturing an hour and a half that day, besides riding through rain and mud several miles, you are expected to entertain the friends with how delighted you are

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Holley, Sallie, 1818-1893, Letter from Sallie Holley to Caroline F. Putnam, 1852, in A Life for Liberty: Anti-Slavery and Other Letters of Sallie Holley. Chadwick, John White, ed.. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1899, pp. 292. [Bibliographic Details] [Biography] [1852] S215-D019 Holley:L215-19

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