Shalom Aleichem & Pilawe,Yugurt,Churbah (1636)

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Mon Nov 18 05:30:00 UTC 2002

by Henry Blount
London: Printed by John Legal for Andrew Crooke

Pg. 14:  ...sherbet...

Pg. 101:
   Their _Diet_ is very full, and grosse; they will refuse all dainties for a peece of fat _mutton_; that they seeth with _Rice_, which is the most generall food they use; they call that mixture _Pilawe_, over it they put _milke_ made thicke, and sower called _Yugurt_, with _Pease_, _Rice_, and _Mutton_ they make their _Porrage Churbah_: these are the three ordinary dishes of _Turky_...

(OED has 1612 for "pilau."  OED has 1625 for "yogurt," and this would be second.  Churbah?--ed.)

Pg. 107:  ...bids _Salaum Aleck_...
(OED has a ridiculous 1881 for "Shalom Aleichem"--ed.)

Pg. 123:  Now there remaines a word, or two of the _Zinganaes_; they are right such as our _Gypsies_...
(OED has 1581 for "Zingana"--ed.)

(O.T.:  I checked APS online for "scientist."  Every one of about twelve early hits wasn't a hit at all.  What a waste of time...I'll beat DARE on "pinto bean" when I'm back at the NYPL.  The books will probably be offsite, so give me another year--ed.)

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