"Upset" & other nomenological phenomena

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Mon Nov 18 18:35:29 UTC 2002

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Sent: Friday, November 15, 2002 2:04 PM
Subject: Re: "Upset" & other nomenological phenomena

> My father was born & christened  Sherlock  (after his grandfather,
> S.A.Bronson) in 1878, some years before Conan Doyle created his character.
> Sherlock Holmes's iconic stature has since rendered "Sherlock" virtually
> out-of-bounds  as a given name. I've never encountered another Sherlock.
> I suppose there are other examples of this sort of thing, but I can't
> of any, offhand, in the English-speaking world.

Lolita may provide a similar example.  I think someone (perhaps Nabokov
himself) wrote that the novel ruined the name among English speakers--or
something to that effect.  It's curious that there's such a difference
between the characters of Sherlock Holmes and Lolita Haze.


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