"man" vs. "guy" redux

Herbert Stahlke hstahlke at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Tue Nov 19 14:07:09 UTC 2002

But can the men in Athens refer to a couple of female lifeguards as "you
guys" or "a couple of guys"?  They can't over here in Muncie.  It's not
completely gender-neutral.  Around here, as reported elsewhere, "guys" can
be used of mixed groups by either sex, of all- male groups by either sex,
but of all-female groups only by women.  To the extent that men can refer to
an all-female group as "you guys" this feels more like a periphrastic 2p
than an appositive.  A clearly nominal use like "a bunch of guys" still
means only an all-male group.
But I think all this has already been said on this thread.

Herb Stahlke

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Here in Athens [female] lifeguards at the cuty pool refer to each other as
"guys" so it's gender-neutral here (since 1970 at least).
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