Mai Kuha mkuha at BSU.EDU
Wed Nov 20 00:57:41 UTC 2002

On 11/16/02 4:02 PM, Jeff Oliver wrote:
> (...) researchers who use google to track
> usage or other aspects of English. If you can help...

I'm not sure if this is the kind of thing you're looking for, but I'll take
this as an excuse to mention that the procedures section of an article (see
reference below) in Language specifies "To find recent studies (...)
targeted searches were done of the Web of Science and the World Wide Web
(using the search engine Google)" (649). I found that interesting, since
Language, the most prestigious journal in the field, is so relentlessly
serious and substantial.

Stromswold, Karin. 2001. "The heritability of language: a review and
metaanalysis of twin, adoption, and linkage studies." Language 77, 4:


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