Ghetto pour

Benjamin Barrett gogaku at IX.NETCOM.COM
Wed Nov 20 02:39:12 UTC 2002

I'm not sure how exactly to define it. It seems to mean the sort of pour
you would get in a ghetto bar where people expect to get a full glass
when they order, so it has a meaning of enhanced value as opposed to
"ghetto ride."

I don't find the meaning in the OED or AHD4, though. Are there any good
online slang dictionaries to check this sort of thing out?

Benjamin Barrett
Live from Tukwila

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Isn't this just the general "ghetto" adjective?

Meaning something like "silly, ridiculous, convoluted, rigged, etc."  As
in "Did you see that ghetto ride he was driving?" or "You should see my
ghetto-ass phonology homework."

This is common, no?

Douglas S. Bigham
University of Texas - Austin

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gogaku at IX.NETCOM.COM writes:

> I've heard this from two Seattle friends for the past year or two
> referring to beer poured to the top of a pint with no/nearly no foam.
> One of them also applied it to the practice of pouring sake so it
> overflows out of the masu onto the saucer.
> I don't find this meaning on the Web or any references in the online
> Oxford.

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