German measles

James A. Landau JJJRLandau at AOL.COM
Sun Nov 24 01:08:29 UTC 2002

In a message dated 11/23/2002 7:06:10 PM Eastern Standard Time,

>         From Act III (the final act):  "I have also in my possession, you
> will be pleased to hear, certificates of Miss Cardew's birth, baptism,
> whooping cough, registration, vaccination, confirmation, and the measles;
> both the German and the English variety."  The Importance of Being Earnest
> premiered in 1895.

Thanks for the quote and the date---the only copies of "Earnest" in the
coiuntry library system not currently checked out are 1) on the far side of
the county or 2) in a branch that is not open on the weekends.

You're probably right about Act III, but the performance I just saw split the
play into 4 acts, why I don't know.

     - Jim Landau

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