Gummi/Gummy Bears (1982/1983)

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HAns RIegel in BOnn set up a company, HARIBO, and his son is now one of Germany's richest men.
"In 1982 HARIBO made the leap across the ocean to set up its own sales organization in the US. HARIBO had previously been importing various products through US distributors but in 1982 the time was ripe for a separate HARIBO organization" says Haribo USA's home page
"HARIBO of America, Inc. initially imported mainly licorice items along with several international favorites like the Gold-Bears into the US market."
So the name ought to have been known in the US, not only through returning GIs.
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> I'm sure that in my Fulbright year in Goettingen (FGR) in 1975/6 my then
> 8-yr old ate and enjoyed gummi bears and when, a few years later, she
> started seeing them in the US, complained that the flavors of the German
> ones were superior.  So I would search for a decade before the 1984 date
> Barry cites.
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