what language?

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Mon Nov 25 14:22:24 UTC 2002


I think it can be Galician. Galician Web-sites often use "eiqui", although
the only Galician dictionary I have immediately available shows "aqui". At
the bottom of this Galician page under "erros habituais" under "E" there is
"eiqui" with its 'correct' standard form "aqui":


The word "eiqui" also seems to appear in the same sense in
Asturo-Leonese/Miranda dialects on the Web, so maybe it could also be
Mirandese or something like that. Here is a Leonese page with a link
labeled "[calca] eiqui" at the foot:


... maybe Galician would be more likely.

-- Doug Wilson

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