Missouri-Show Me (9 May 1897, WASHINGTON POST)

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   13 February 1896, WASHINGTON POST, pg. 6:
   One thousand Sioux warriors met at Pine Ridge and over a large number of cold bottles and hot dogs discussed their alleged grievances.
(Whew!  That's close!--ed.)

   13 July 1887, WASHINGTON POST, pg. 2.
(Not close--ed.)

   20 September 1924, WASHINGTON POST, pg. S2:
   SPOT CASH a two-time winner around the big apple...
(A horse-racing column.  Fitz Gerald's brother wrote for the WASHINGTON POST.  Pretty darn close--ed.)

   9 May 1897, WASHINGTON POST, pg. 27:
_So the Man from Missouri Leaped Headlong from a Train._
>From the Philadelphia Times.
   "I'm from Missouri, and they'll have to show me."
   That is what John Duffer, of Pike County, Missouri, remarked as he was being patched up in the office of Dr. Creighton at Manitou.

(Cut about seven paragraphs to end of story.  I believe this article is our earliest and pre-dates the Trans-Mississippi Exposition in Omaha and the song, both in 1897--ed.)

   "When the train went into that hole I thought we'd never see daylight again, and my only chance was to jump, and so I jumped.  I'm from Missouri, and you'll have to show me!"

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