"May you live in interesting times" (19 July 1961, WASHINGTON POST)

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Mon Nov 25 18:58:26 UTC 2002

    See a discussion in the ADS-L archives.  There are three earlier hits (December 9, 1950, pg. B13; May 14, 1929, pg. 6; June 8, 1900, pg. 6), but I'm going blind finding them.
    From the WASHINGTON POST, 19 July 1961, pg. D1:

_All China Hands_
_Open China House_
   OLD CHINA and young China joined hands with their trans-Pacific neighbor America Monday night in a modern echo of the ancient Chinese blessing, "May you live in interesting times."
   The occasion was a testimonial dinner at the Yenching Palace Restaurant marking the opening of China House, a center for the promotion of religious and cultural projects in Hong Kong, Formosa, and Southeast Asia.
   The center, which is located at 2020 Connecticut ave., nw, is the fruit of years of struggle spearheaded by a devoted band of Chinese Christians. (...)

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