Fwd: Query: Date for "instant gratification"?

Grant Barrett gbarrett at WORLDNEWYORK.ORG
Mon Nov 25 22:29:44 UTC 2002

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I'm researching a book on the way that consumer items have changed the
time - consciousness of Americans, turning us into a nation of impulse
buyers and seekers of instant gratification.

I've got a tricky request. Since I'm not an Etymologist, I don't know
how to date the beginnings of a collocation's currency. But if you or
your members know how, I would like to request such a dating for
instant gratification itself. --All I really know is that instant
coffee became a marketable item in 1909 with Red -- EE Coffee and then
again in 1939 with powdered Nescafe.

Despite my ignorance, I'm quite serious  and do need your help...

Sorry to appeal  to you out of the blue like this.

Best Wishes,

Giles Slade, Ph.D. in Vancouver Canada
gilesslade at hotmail.com
gsslade at shaw.ca

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