Corn Dog (1939); Cheeseburger (1938)

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Tue Nov 26 01:44:11 UTC 2002


   29 July 1939, WASHINGTON POST, pg. 9:

   THE OTHER night we were telling Stanley and Billie Marcus, of Dallas, about our Hollywood adventures with the "nutberger."  They came right back with one of their home-town delicacies, the "corn dog," which is a frankfurter baked in cornbread.  So now I shall have another excuse to pay them a visit to Texas.


   3 December 1938, WASHINGTON POST, pg. X18:
   In production was Walter Wanger's "Stagecoach" and necessary was some stupendous scenery, unmarred by filling stations, concrete highways and cheeseburger stands.

(Louisville's claim to the "cheeseburger" looks like it will be destroyed when LOS ANGELES TIMES full text comes out...More stuff when I get home--ed.)

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