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Tue Nov 26 18:53:52 UTC 2002

UTRAMERICAL--From today's NEW YORK SUN, 16  November 2002, pg. 8, col. 1:
   _Salon.com Launches "Ultramercials"_
   SAN FRANCISCO, Ca.--Fighting for survival, the online magazine Salon.com
has introduced an unusual adveritsing program that waives subscription fees
for readers willing to wade through an interactive commercial.
   Salon Media Group Inc. is offering "Ultramercials" sponsored by
Mercedes-Benz as an alternative to paying for premium access, which costs
$18,,50 to $30 a year.
(Mercedes is looking to advertise to a crowd that can't afford $30 a

SCUTTLEBUTT (Or, bad or misplaced etymological discussion of the day)--From
the same issue of THE SUN, in an article on the Supreme Court, pg. 6, col. 2:
 "...it's worth recalling thhat there's a reason the word 'scuttlebutt' has
the word 'butt' in it"

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