New York Minute (1927, 1974 WASHINGTON POST)

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   "New York Minute" is supposedly from Texas.  (See DARE.)  Unfortunately
for this term and so much southwestern cuisine, no Texas newspaper is going
online soon.
   It does show up in WASHINGTON POST full text on 20 January 1974, pg. C3.
The story is "Constitution Time Again in Texas," By Molly Irvins ("The writer
is an editor for the Texas Observer").
   The next hit is 1952, but it's a false hit.
   This is the real thing, but because of the large time gap, I'd rule it
questionable.  I have no idea what OED has or is going to do for its "N"
revision coming up soon.
   From the WASHINGTON POST, 20 April 1927, pg. 6:

      _The New York Minute._
   Baltimore Sun:  Yale's world-round reunion by radio on Wednesday will show
what New York is.  THe speech of President Angell at noon in New York, put on
the air for loyal listeners wherever they may be, will reach Honolulu at 6 a.
m. Wednesday and Tokyo at 2 a. m. Thursday.  Twenty hours difference!  A few
brief minutes of time at New York thus become nearly a whole day when spread
around the earth.  If that doesn't prove the intensity of life in the
metropolis, what does?

the Port Authority, passing Broadway and 42nd Street. There is a split apple
on the billboard sign.  The text says "GET TO THE CORE OF NEW YORK."  In the
apple's core is "DAILY NEWS."  Fourteen years ago, I won the first DAILY NEWS
MAGAZINE "Only in New York" contest.   Ten years ago, when Gerald Cohen and I
solved "the Big Apple," no one would speak to me--ed.)

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