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This came to the ADS-L request address; I'm sending it to the list
as a whole for anyone who wants to reply.

Jesse Sheidlower

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Dear Sirs,
My name is Zhang Weiguang,born in 1955.I'm from China.I am an editor.I hope to v
isit your Society with two purposes.One is to learn more about The American slang
s.I'm interested in them and collected many of them.I want to write a book in whi
ch I will try to solve some problems such as how did the meanings of the slangs e
merge?what kind of cultural phenomena do they reflect?what position do they occup
y in the modern English? and so on.The other purpose is I want to make a cultural
 investigation at your Society and discuss with you about the possibility of our
spreading your academic activities in China or setting up a branch which belongs
to you in China.
I plan to stay in America for only two weeks at my own expenses.I shall be thank
ful if I can be invited by anyone of you to visit your country.If you would like
to know more about me,please put forward your questions,I'll be glad to answer th
I'm looking forward to your e-mail.
Thank you.

                                              Zhang Weiguang

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ÍøÒ×ÅÄÂôվʱÉÐרÇø£¬¸ÐÊܶ¼ÊеÄ÷ÈÁ¦£¡                     http://auctions.163.com/zhuanqu/fashion/
Ãâ·ÑÓÊÏ佡¿µÉ±¶¾´óÐж¯£¡                                 http://popme.163.com/freemail/index.html

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