wash cloth to worsh rag

sagehen sagehen at WESTELCOM.COM
Sat Nov 30 03:51:11 UTC 2002

>My mother has always referred to a small towel or face cloth as a wash
>cloth.  However, all of my family raised in Eastern Ky refers to it as a
>"worsh cloth".  Does anyone know where this term originated or how "wash"
>was changed to "worsh" in that part of the country?
>christen stevens
I grew up saying "warsh rag" in E Nebraska, but I'm not sure that others
around there did.  I do think both my parents (one b. N Ohio, the other St
Louis) did. At some point I noticed that other people said "wash cloth" or
"face cloth."
I'm pretty sure "warsh"  or "worsh"  & "Warshington"  were the common
pronunciations among the kids I knew.
A. Murie

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