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Tue Oct 1 05:39:04 UTC 2002

   A few terms from this week's NEW YORK PRESS and the VILLAGE VOICE.

MISERY MILE--From NEW YORK PRESS, September 25-October 1, 2002, pg. 17, "Best
Place To Get Depressed: 'Misery Mile'  (The Battery to Canal Street)."  The
article states that Jimmy Breslin gave it this term.  Breslin's column, "A
Grim Walking Tour of City's Misery Mile," was in NEWSDAY, 18 July 2002.  The
Mile has a Holocaust Memorial, a Vietnam Memorial, and Irish Famine Memorial,
a WWII Memorial, and THEN came September 11th.

COKESKILLS--The Catskills for people who do coke, in NEW YORK PRESS, pg. 25.
There are no other Google hits.

SOUTHPORT--SOUTH of PORT Authority.  It's no SOHO (SOuth of HOuston), and is
not used at all at this point.  From NEW YORK PRESS, pg. 11.

JAMBAND--From the VILLAGE VOICE, September 25-October 1, 2002, "JAMMED FOR
ALL TIME," pg. 45:
   "Jam band" began as a simple jazz phrase describing musicians who got
together to improvise, free from the rules of everyday gigs.  Today it refers
to about 200 artists.  Many are acutely aware of a bizarre backlash against
the term and--like every emo and hair metal and teenpop act that ever
resented its "File Under" destiny--some have been reluctant to cop to it.
"Please write about us in _Relix_ and on Jambands.com, and please have us on
your radio shoe _Jam Nation_," mocks Jambands.com writer Jeff Waful.  "But
don't call us a jamband."

states that Sam's Famous Waterfront Ale House, 540 2nd Avenue (30th Street),
makes great "waffle fries."
   Trademark records for "waffle fries" shows that Lamb-Weston Inc. used the
term from 6 September 1983.  Chik-fil-A has used "waffle potato fries" from
August 1984.  There are 2,220 Google hits for "waffle fries."

CEMITAS--Only 12 Google hits (with the word "sandwich" added), but keep it in
mind, anyway.  From the VILLAGE VOICE, pg. 76:
   In addition to tacos and tortas in 20 permutations, former pizza parlor
_TACO AZTECA_ (75 Victory Boulevard, Staten Island, 718-273-6404) whips up
big round sandwiches called cemitas.  Hailing from Puebla and Tlaxcala in
central Mexico, they're made with pan de pulque, a sweet egg bread dotted
with sesame seeds and leavened with cactus beer.  Though they can be made
with chicken or pork, I prefer milanesa--a pounded, crumbed, deep-fried
beefsteak wadded on the bun and topped with white cheese, avocado, cilantro,
onions, and red chiles that have the texture and sweetness of sun-dried

   As stated, NYC many parking tickets will increase from $55 to $105 today.
   About a week ago, the Associated Press ran an article about it.  A
spokesman from the NYC Department of Finance (my employer) stated that most
fines hadn't been increased since 1975.
   This is a lie.
   AP has no ombudsman, so I wrote much earlier today to feedback at ap.org.  I
got no response.  I wrote to info at ap.org and also got no response.
   If the Associated Press wins a New York Post Liberty Medal, gets a street
named after it in Thunder Bay, and wins a humanitarian award, I'm jumping off
a roof right now.

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