Bad TV dialects

Beth Simon simon at IPFW.EDU
Wed Oct 2 18:33:53 UTC 2002

So Ron, what do you think of the If You Build It Shoeless Joe Will Emerge From The Cornfield baseball movie (I'm blanking the title), set, we are told, outside of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. (Is it supposed to be Corralville?)

Especially galling was the we are Iowans hence we are sometimes r-less, palatalizing, vicious self-righteous idiots ban the book fscene.


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<< Ok, I have to vent. I watched a few minutes of _Hack_
the other night. It's supposed to take place in
Philadelphia, but like last year's _Philly_ everyone
seems to sound like New Yorkers. Don't those Hollywood
people know what a Philly dialect sounds like? It
makes me miss _Homicide_ where at least the extras
actually sounded like Baltimorians.

Feel free to commiserate if your city/region fails to
get proper treatment on TV!

Ed >>

I'm not from West Virginia, but I was amused at the awful rendition of West
Virginia dialect that ran through the film A BEAUTIFUL MIND. It might have
been convincing for coastal South Carolina, but it didn't work for me for
Appalachia. Of course, most Americans think there is only one Southern
(WHITE) dialect and it sounds like Clark Gable in GONE WITH THE WIND. So
filmmakers who do this are interested in verisimilitude, not accuracy.

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