Bad TV dialects

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Thu Oct 3 03:01:00 UTC 2002

How about the Indiana farmers on last week's West Wing.  They sounded like
Central Casting combed New England for bit players, and as Josh and Toby got
closer to Cincinnati there was no trace of Upper South.  None of them sound
like any Indiana farmers I've ever known.


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Subject: Bad TV dialects

> Ok, I have to vent. I watched a few minutes of _Hack_
> the other night. It's supposed to take place in
> Philadelphia, but like last year's _Philly_ everyone
> seems to sound like New Yorkers. Don't those Hollywood
> people know what a Philly dialect sounds like? It
> makes me miss _Homicide_ where at least the extras
> actually sounded like Baltimorians.
> Feel free to commiserate if your city/region fails to
> get proper treatemnt on TV!
> Ed
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