RLT; ATC; Spinoccoli; Garbage Burrito; Popeye Eggs; Vietnam Hashing

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Sun Oct 6 07:25:57 UTC 2002

    Yet another food round-up.  I thought that I'd covered some of these
terms before, but I guess not.

RLT--Rashers (bacon), Lettuce, Tomato.  I spotted it at O'Neill's, an Irish
pub here in the city.  A Google check shows that it's becoming standard Irish
pub fare.  I don't have the Dow Jones database handy now to date the term.

ATC--Avocado, Turkey, Cheese.  About 49 Google hits, but I spotted ATC as
"avocado, tomato, cheddar."

SPINOCCOLI--Pizza Uno trademarked this term (for its spinach and broccoli
pizza) with first use of 12-3-1985 and first use in commerce of 12-11-1985,
but a Google check shows 121 hits, mostly NOT Pizza Uno.

GARBAGE BURRITO--La Cocina restaurant here says "Garbage Burrito--Everything
we have around."  There are about 15 Google hits.  The "Garbage Burrito" is
like the New Orleans "Debris Sandwich," only different.

POPEYE EGGS--Also about 15 Google hits.  Served at Dock's on 42nd and 3rd,
Popeye Eggs are "Scrambled Eggs with Black Forest Ham and Sauteed Spinach."

VIETNAM HASHING--Attached below is a message of Vietnam's "Hash House Lingo"
that  I found interesting.  Why does Lighter's HDAS have "babyshit" (mustard)
but not "afterbirth" (ketchup)?

From: <A HREF="http://groups.google.com/groups?hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&q=author:TGITTINGER%40austin.rr.com+">Ted Gittinger</A> (<A HREF="mailto:TGITTINGER%40austin.rr.com">TGITTINGER at austin.rr.com</A>)
Subject: Re: Damn Yanky Up

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news:rnb_6.100506$tb6.24731022 at typhoon.austin.rr.com</A>...> > > >> > > > WEre
you marching to Sbisa or Duncan?> > > >> > > > ted> > >> > > Sbisa, where
every meal was a banquet the fish year.  Duncan the > > other 3 years.> > >> >
 > Damn that was a long time ago but I can still remember some of> > > those
ass chewings.> > >> > > Bill Clarke> >> > Shoot the bullneck, please.> >> >
ted>> > >> > >>> Would you like some afterbirth or baby-shit to go with that
T-Bone?>> Wonder what they call it now in the politically correct age?>> Bill
Clarke> F Troop, 17th CavI have plumb forgot most of the A&M chow hall
language.  But carrots ="sunshine," spinach = "Popeye," eggs =
"cackle,"potatoes = "spuds" (whatelse?), salt and pepper = "sand and."
"Afterbirth" was ketchup and "babyshit" was mustard.Oh, yes, "cush" was
dessert, and no "fish" got cush without earning it.  Oneway to earn it was to
tell a funny story that so revolted the other seven atthe table that you were
given dessert as sort of a merit badge.I heard stories at chow that still
curdle my blood to think about.Sweete William, b/c me if all this puzzles you
about my checkered career.Warm regards,tedwho is re-heating Chinese for
dinner tonight.>>>Message 26 in thread
From: <A HREF="http://groups.google.com/groups?hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&q=author:clarke%40livingston.net+">Bill Clarke</A> (<A HREF="mailto:clarke%40livingston.net">clarke at livingston.net</A>)
Subject: Re: Damn Yanky Up

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Date: 2001-06-29 07:24:57 PST

And the little pickled peppers were Tiger Dicks.  "fish Clarke, looks likeyou
need a few Tiger Dicks".And then your fish buddies would ask for permission
to have a Tiger Dickalso so you wouldn't be alone.  We bonded like the men of
F Troop and Ifound my best life long friends there.If you tell me of your
checkered past will you then have to kill me.  <G>Bill ClarkeF Troop, 17th

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