Chew the Scenery; Dutch Oven (1737)

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Sun Oct 6 20:46:24 UTC 2002

CHEW THE SCENERY (continued)

   The Mavens' Word of the Day answer (given in 2000, when the site existed) mentions Lighter and the RHHDAS scenery chewing of the 1890s.
   I did not mean to imply that Michael's Quinion's more recent answer was not the best, also!  Clearly, he can chew with Sir Anthony Hopkins and the best of them.


   Another item that I thought I'd covered, but maybe not.
   OED has 1769 for "Dutch oven."  It's not in DARE.
   I found many citations just now on the PENNSYLVANIA GAZETTE database.  The earliest is 5 May 1737, in this list:

...Sauce-pans, Dutch Ovens and Stew Pans...

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