Yankee Pot Roast (1877); Jazz Creek

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Mon Oct 7 06:43:12 UTC 2002


   YANKEE Pot Roast?  I thought the METS were on pot!
   I didn't even check this on the New York Times database, asssuming this
term was at least mentioned by Washington Irving.  To my surprise, both OED
and Merriam-Webster have 1881, as does, of course, John Mariani's
   Making of America (Mich.-Books, Mich.-Journals, and Cornell)  all turned
up NOTHING for "pot roast."  I was shocked!
   Not even the Library of Congress's American Memory database has a hit for
"pot roast"!  NOTHING on the three big databases of Americana!
   The Early Canadiana database gave ALL AROUND THE HOUSE, OR, HOW TO MAKE
HOMES HAPPY (Toronto: J. Robertson, 1881) by Mrs. H. W. Beecher, pg. 136.
This is a different 1881 citation from the one in OED.
   It takes the "pot roast" recipe from BUCKEYE COOKERY (1877).  For more
information, see the CENTENNIAL BUCKEYE COOK BOOK by Andrew F. Smith,
available at an online bookseller near you.
   I'll check the NEW YORK TIMES later today (Monday) for a more well done
"pot roast."



   Gerald Cohen is lecturing on "jazz" this December.  I previously said that
there was no "jazz" in Alaska--it wasn't the name of a town, river, mountain,
creek, glacier, or anything.
   A check of PLANSUS shows two hits, both for "jazz creek," and both in the
West.  There is a Jazz Creek in Clearwater, Idaho, and a Jazz Creek in
Clackamas, Oregon.
   Does Frank Abate or anyone else know approximately when these Jazz Creeks
were named?

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