Yams/Sweet Potatoes

David Bergdahl einstein at FROGNET.NET
Wed Oct 9 14:38:35 UTC 2002

from larry horn quoting barry popik:

>...   Confusion may have arisen because the African word, _nyami_ or
>(which means "to eat") was used by slaves to refer to the sweet potatoes
>being grown by Colonial settlers.

I always love it when they say that.   Now what was the European word
for "to eat" again?  And the Asian word for "sweet potato"?

I've always thought it odd but my Bavarian mother-in-law (b. 1910)  insisted
that nyam-nyam was the childish way kids appreciated a good tasting
husarkrapfen!  It reminds me of what Swadesh used to say--that the Zuni word
for "blood" was the same as the Hebrew-- that chance coincidences do occur.
"Raffiniert ist der Herr Gott, aber Boshaft ist er nicht"
--Albert Einstein

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