a whole other question

Peter Richardson prichard at LINFIELD.EDU
Thu Oct 10 00:18:50 UTC 2002

Isn't the "a whole nother" business an example of infixing, or has that
notion been discarded by now? When I hear the "whole nother" I think
immediately of a radio announcer commenting after something like a
grand-slam HR: "Wal, it's a whole nother ball game, folks."

And as long as that question has come from Texas: Has there been talk of
slapping the "Don't mess with Texas" on license plates? I was astonished
to hear, during my last visit to Houston, that that admonition isn't meant
to be as belligerent as it sounds (i.e. "Don't fool with me or I'll slap
you upside a the head"), but rather to ask people not to litter
the pristine Texas landscape. True?

Peter R.

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