Fwd: Mango & Green Peppers - Summmary

Elizabeth J. Pyatt ejp10 at PSU.EDU
Thu Oct 10 14:01:28 UTC 2002

>The general consensus on the mango-green pepper issue is that the
>connection was pickling. According to David Bergdahl's AmSpch note,
>which he kindly sent me, mangos first arrived in the U.S. in pickle
>form in the mid 19th century. Hence, in some cases other similarly
>pickled fruits and vegetables, including green peppers, also became
>The distribution for mango as green pepper is apparently from
>Pennsylvannia through parts of Illinois including Ohio, Indiana and
>parts of Kentucky.
>Thanks to David Bergdahl, Joan Houston Hall, Rima McKinzey, Steve
>Peter and Beverly Flanigan for their help.
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