Food in ROME IN 7 DAYS (1923)

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by Arthur Milton
London: Mills & Boon Limited

   I have about seven minutes!

Pg. 22:
   _Antipasti Misti._
   _Costoletta all Milanese._
   _Insalata verde._
   _Frutta e formaggio._
In English this is:--
   _Mixed hors d'oeuvres._
   _Veal cutlet, breadcrumbed and fried in butter._
   _Green salad._
   _Fruit and Cheese._
   There are several kinds of cheese.  We chose, for example, "_Bel Paese_"--"Beautiful Country"--a mild yellowish cheese from Lombardy.  We might have eaten the slightly pungents "_Pecorino_," made from goats' milk, or the excellent, mild "_Stracchino_."  There is also "_Mascarpone_," a great Roman specialty, a kind of cream cheese, which is often served as a dessert with sugar and cinnamon.

Pg. 29:
   _Gniccho di potate._
   _Fritto misto di pesce._
   _Saltimbocca alla Romana._
   _Carciofi alla Giudea._
   The first dish consists of a kind of small dumplings made of potatoes, which may be served either with a meat sauce (_Salsa di carne_ or _Sugo di carne_) or with butter and cheese (_Con burro e formaggio_).  THe mixed fry of small fish included many ofthat great delicacy, tiny devilfish.  Alternatively we could have ordered _un pesce alla griglia_--a large, grilled fish.  The _Saltimbocca_ is made of small pieces of veal, lightly fried in butter with strips of bacon and sage, prepared so tastily that it is said to "jump into your mouth"--whence the name "salta-in-bocca."  The artichokes (_carciofi_) are parboiled and then fried whole in a deep vessel of boiling oil until they are crisp, a Roman-Jewish specialty that far surpasses in my opnion any other method of preparing these vegetables.  The _zabaione_ is a concoction of whipped yoke of egg, cream, sugar and a drop of Marsala, and is served warm.  In hot weather, however, it may be ordered _gelato_--iced.

(Gotta go!  Five more days of Italian meals left here!--ed.)

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