"Big Apple" indeed!

Mike Salovesh t20mxs1 at CORN.CSO.NIU.EDU
Mon Oct 14 02:18:39 UTC 2002

The juxtaposition of two NYC items in one post from Barry Popik prompted
me to a stunning realization. Doesn't it make sense that if "Big Apple"
came out of the speech of stable hands, it's a way of saying that NYC is
a big horse apple? (For those who never heard of horse apples, that's
just a label for horsecrap.)

--  mike salovesh     <m-salovesh-9 at alumni.uchicago.edu>     PEACE !!!

These are the items I mean:

Bapopik at AOL.COM wrote:
> NEW YORK DATE BOOK 2003--Sold near the counters at Barnes & Noble.  A big red
> apple is on the cover.  Most of the pages are blank, but there's a little
> info box on why New York City is called the Big Apple.  It's wrong, of
> course.
> O.T.  MY NYC JOB--It's no secret that NYC is going through hard times,
> financial and otherwise.  It's no secret that transit fines will go up to $2
> from $1.50.  It's no secret that property taxes may increase by 20%.  It's no
> secret that all of this bad news will be announced after the November
> gubernatorial election.
>    And it's no secret that many people--probably me--will not take it any
> more, and will simply choose to leave.
>    Parking fines were the first to go up--they doubled.  I'm a parking
> administrative law judge; the amount of the fine is none of my business.
> What angers me is when the New York City breaks the law and lies.
>    Department of Finance spokesman Sam Miller said that fines hadn't been
> increased since 1975 (he told Newsday 1978).  This is a lie.  The city well
> knows that the top fine of $40 was increased to $55, and now $105.  I told
> both the AP and Newsday.  No correction was made.  AP told me nine days ago
> it was checking.  Hey AP, there are old online AP stories about this!  I
> cannot tolerate lying.
>    I have said that an illegal "mitigation memo" was circulated.  Some judges
> leaked this to Newsday, where a story recently appeared.  (See also below.)
> We are "independent contractors"--we get _no_ benefits because we're
> "independent."  Yet the same Sam Miller says it's just fine if the city
> orders the "independent" judges what to do.
>    Replace me with a "robot."  I'm outta here.
>    I'll get to this in a little more detail in a Malta food post (I leave in
> 24 hours).
>    This city has demoralized an honest man.

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