Ocotillo & Putting on the Dog; Buena Vista Cafe menu (1950?)

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Mon Oct 14 05:33:58 UTC 2002

OCOTILLO---Yes, my "a" looks like "o" and "t" looks like "r."  I'm losing my
eyesight here.  Anyway, I'm leaving the country in 12 hours and I have a lot
to do.  Sorry for the mistake.

PUTTING ON THE DOG--I always confuse with with "try it on the dog."  I found
a poem about this in the NEW YORK DRAMATIC MIRROR, about 1882.  The slang
expression started in the theatre in New York, for whatever reason.  Is my
post in the old archives?

BUENA VISTA CAFE MENU (1950?)--I was looking for "Joe's Special" in the Los
Angeles Public Library's onlline menu collection, at www.lapl.org.  They have
a menu from San Francisco's Buena Vista Cafe that I know is not from the
"1950."  The menu has Kahuna Coffee, Marguerita, and Mai Tai on it.  Also:
"IRISH COFFEE Introduced to the U.S. at the Buena Vista by Stanton
Delaplane."  There is a plaque at the Buena Vista about this--the plaque
gives a date of 1952!
   Look at it yourself.  Is this a menu from 1950?  When is it from?
   And if I can't trust the LAPL on menu dating, how about that 1920s

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