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Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Mon Oct 14 16:08:07 UTC 2002

>I think I remember Forward but I don't remember where. But it was likely
>a tuckerization of an astronomer/sf author whose first name I don't
>recall offhand (Robert?).

I think Niven used Robert Forward's name openly in "The Borderland of Sol"
BTW. I don't remember it in Heinlein, but I skipped some of the later and
larger works entirely.

>Heinlein has written a book that is readable by literary critics and no
>one else!
>... but it's got good story.

I reread it recently, with pleasure. It surely was fine by comparison with
its movie.

Future of languages (from "Starship Troopers"):


Montez (South American trooper): "What did you say?"

Rico (Filipino trooper, the protagonist of the novel): "Sorry, Bernardo.
Just an old saying in my own language. ...."

M.: "But what language was it?"

R.: "Tagalog. My native language."

M.: "Don't they talk Standard English where you come from?"

R.: "Oh, certainly. For business and school and so forth. We just talk the
old speech around home a little. Traditions. You know."

M.: "Yeah, I know. My folks chatter in Espan~ol the same way."


-- Doug Wilson

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