"Big Apple" indeed!

Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
Mon Oct 14 21:49:24 UTC 2002

   I've encountered the horse-apple derivation of "The Big Apple" at
least several times over the  past decade, advanced orally and always
seriously.  So I missed the tongue-in-cheek spirit of Mike Salovesh's
suggestion. (Add emoticon for dejection here).

Gerald Cohen

>At 12:47 PM -0500 10/14/02, Mike Salovesh wrote:
>Aw, shucks. You're trying to take away my chance to crap on the Big
>Apple -- something it's very hard for an old Chicago boy to pass up.
>I post folk etymologies of two types.
>Type 1: Alleged etymologies I have heard repeatedly from lots of folks,
>regardless of their historical accuracy. I try to identify folk
>etymologies by citing the range of folks I heard saying them.  Cf. my
>comment on doozy=Duesenberg.
>Type 2: Fake etymologies I invent out of my own little pointed head as
>comments on something else.
>I mistakenly thought Big Apple=Horse apple was an obvious Type 2.  Guess
>I wuz wrong. I guess maybe I shoulda used a emoticon.  Maybe I shoulda
>stood in bed.
>--  mike salovesh     <m-salovesh-9 at alumni.uchicago.edu>     PEACE !!!

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