Greetings from Malta; The "Bapopik" Virus Isn't From Me

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Tue Oct 15 20:49:22 UTC 2002


   The "Bapopik" virus isn't from me.  I apologize to anyone who opened thinking that it was from me.  I have absolutely nothing to do with it.
   I knew ten years ago that ADS-ers can be unkind to me, but this is borderline crime.  "Bapopik" (Barry A. Popik) is my name.


   Greetings from Malta.  I can't say that I'll move here.  It's my first day, and it's just a thought.
   The weather here is nicely warm.

MALTA SLANG--I didn't find any English slang books yet.

MALTESE--It's still spoken!  Most everything, of course, is written in English, though.

VINTAGE BUSES--"KEEP CLEAR  VINTAGE BUSES TERMINUS."  The buses are a sight.  They're not just for tourists; people use the old things.


   A quick check of the online OED shows that almost NONE of these terms can be found in the OED.  Malta, OED, Malta!  It used to be governed by--oh, you know!
   Check out:

PASTIZZI and PASTIZZERIA--Found everywhere.  Gotta be in OED!

ARANCINI (rice balls)--Found everywhere.  One place has Bolognese, Siciliana, Chicken & Ham.

QASSATA or QASSATAT--Found everywhere.  One place has Cheese/Peas/Spinach.

BRAGIOLI or BRAGGIOLI (Beef Olives)--Found everywhere.

FRESH GBEJNIET SALAD--Gbejniet is everywhere.  Gotta be in OED.

KNICKERBOCKER GLORY or KNICKER BOCKER GLORY--Found at least three places.  Three flavours of ice cream (chocolate, vanilla, pistachio), cream, and fruit salad.

MALTESE SANDWICH (FTIRA)--Ftira is everywhere.  One place describes the sandwich as "A traditional ftira brushed with oil with tuna, capers, olives, beans, tomatoes, onions, and gbejniet.

MALTESE PIZZA--Found at just one place.  Tomatoes, Sausage, Gozzo Cheese, Oregano, Olives.

CLOSED PIZZA--A Calzone.  The name "closed pizza" was seen in at least three places.

RABBIT STEW OR FRIED IN GARLIC (MALTESE DISH)--Seen many place, but I ain't eatin' it.

MALTESE COFFEE--WIth Anisette.  Seen just one place.

MEDITERRANEAN COFFEE--Metaxa and Galliano, seen one place.

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