Oatmeal for Brains; Chorrillana (technical)

Scott Swanson harview at MONTANA.COM
Thu Oct 17 02:23:35 UTC 2002

Barry's msg shows up encoded in the "utf-8" character set. Which
translates on my machine approximately as on Dodi's (her mailer used
ISO-8859-1 encoding, which is a reasonable standard for this list) Barry,
travelling in the wilds of Malta, is no doubt at the mercy of whatever
default is set on the system from which he sends. Do any of YOU know into
which character set YOUR emails are encoded by default??

On Wed, 16 Oct 2002, Dodi Schultz wrote:

> Barry, here's how your quoted Russ Smith paragraph appeared on my screen:
>   >> Reacting to Harry Belafonteâ€_s crude remarks about Colin Powell last
>   >> weekâ€"the singer essentially said the Secretary of State, a man who
>   >> couldâ€_ve won the presidency had he chosen to run, was an Uncle
>   >> Tomâ€"The Wall Street Journalâ€_s Dorothy Rabinowitz said it best.
>   >> Appearing on CNBCâ€_s WSJ Editorial Board with Stuart Varney last
>   >> Friday night, Rabinowitz, one of the nationâ€_s finest journalists,
>   >> said she was sick of aging left-wingers possessing "oatmeal for
> brains."
> I don't know what anyone else sees, but I'm seeing a very odd combination
> of characters where there ought to be apostrophes or em dashes.
> Your brief quote from Gourmet, same message, looked fine.
Scott Swanson

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