Allen Walker Read dies, age 96

Fri Oct 18 16:38:50 UTC 2002

I have known Allen Walker Read since the Sixties. I admired him for his
scholarship, his gentlemanly ways, and his appreciation of my work shown by
his presence (Fred Cassidy was another such appreciator) at any paper I read
to the ADS, ANS, MLA, and other learned societies. I was hoping he would
publish something more solid than occasional papers, but I'm sure John Algeo
will be doing justice to his Dictionary of Briticisms. I am sorry to see
Allen go.

T. M. Paikeday, lexicographer

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> Le Friday, 18 Oct 2002, à 09:19 America/New_York, Frank Abate a écrit :
> > We shall miss him, but his truly awesome body of work, his good humor,
> > and
> > the examples he set for scholarship will always be with us.
> Would anyone like to make a few comments about Mr. Read which I can
> post on the ADS web site? Perhaps you had a professional or personal
> relationship with him.
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