Frank Abate abatefr at EARTHLINK.NET
Sat Oct 19 09:33:00 UTC 2002

Barry P noted:

 F.U.I. is on the Drudgereport today.  Another pilot got caught FUI (Flying
Under the Influence).  A Google Groups check shows also FWI (Flying While
Intoxicated).  Both have been around awhile.
   OED has neither FUI nor FWI.  So I checked for the good old DUI and DWI.
They're not there, either!
   Does the Barnhart Dictionary Companion have FUI/FWI and DUI/DWI?

Both DUI and DWI are in the New Oxford American Dict, and I expect are also
in other general American dicts.  This is a fairly common occurrence, that
OED should not report something that IS in the "current English" or
synchronic-coverage dicts.  OED has catching up to do, esp. with regard to
American items, and esp. those that are more recent, say, latter half of the
20th c. and later.

Also, I don't know OED's policy on coverage of abbreviations.  Jesse?

Frank Abate

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