Smoke Nazi; Honey Ring; Calippo; Rock Cake; Pizza Rustica

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Sun Oct 20 04:20:55 UTC 2002

   Only a few more hours left in Malta.

O.T. VIRGINIA SNIPER--I have Sky News and Fox News and CNN International in my hotel here.  Both Sky and Fox have ben covering the latest sniper shooting in Virginia for the past two+ hours.  There is NOTHING about it on CNN.  Not in the news ribbon at the bottom.  Not in the headline newscast.  NOTHING!  CNN then broadcast a two-week-old Larry King interview with Madonna.  "The King of Talk" added:  "I think you'll be 'swept away' by this movie."  Incredible.

BLUE HAWAII "BLUE CHEESE"--I should have added that it was indeed "blue cheese," not "bleu cheese."  Probably from the Blue Grotto.

READREADREADREADREADREADREAD--A tourist in my group has a library bag that prints this word over and over.  I didn't think about it much, but then Allen Walker Read died and I can't look at it the same way.

SMOKE NAZI--The title of an editorial in Saturday's NEW YORK TIMES.  "--Nazi" is not new, but "Smoke Nazi" might gain some frequency in NYC now.

CALIPPO--Iced fruit roll-ups.  Sold here in Malta.  A web check shows that several manufacturers, such as Walls, make "Calippos."

ROCK CAKE--A sweet in Malta.  Looks like a "scone" to me.

MALTESE FRUIT TART--With "dates, raisins, lemon and orange marmalade."  Looks like an ordinary fruit tart to me.


WINTER ICE CREAM--A cupcake made to look like an ice cream cone.


MINTNIGHT--A flavor seen here.  Not many web hits for it yet.

HONEY RING--Sold many places.  The Caffee Cordina packaging says:
   A traditional Maltese sweet made with black treacle, marmalade, orange peel, spices and honey.  This Maltese specialty dates back to the 15th century and may be enjoyed with wine or as a dessert.

PRICKLY PEAR WINE--Sold all over.  It's pink.  Zeppi's Bajtra Liqueurs sells "A Prickly Pear Liqueur produced from the traditional fruit of the Maltese Islands."

PIZZA RUSTICA--Seen all over.  One places has it as tomatoes, olive oil, anchovies, oregano, capers, and olives.  Not in OED?

PIZZA CAPRICIOSA--mozzarella, tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs, ham, and oregano.  Also seen on many pizza menus.

PIZZA NAPOLITANA--mozzarella, tomatoes, anchovies, oregano, capers.

PIZZAS--One place sells Margherita, Peperoni, Rustica, Ai Funghi, Capricciosa, Calzone (Closed Pizza), Quattro Staioni, Quattro Formaggi, Vegetarian, Maltija, Mustina, Frutta di Mare.

POVERTY, CHASTITY, AND OBEDIENCE--Sacred vows of the Knights of Malta and New York City administrative law judges.  How do I apply to be a knight?

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