Sally Ann (Salvation Army, 1914-1918)

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   Greetings from New York City.   AMERICAN SPEECH (Fall 2002) was in my 
   There's a nice note on the origin of "Pie in the Sky" on pages 331-336, 
although it strains to improve on Michael Quinion's fine January 2001 post in 
WORLD WIDE WORLDS.   "Pie in the Sky" is mentioned in the Salvation Army hymn 
"In the Sweet Bye and Bye" (1911).
   Note 10 states that "Sally Ann" is an informal British term for "Salvation 
Army," and it's first cited in AMERICAN SPEECH (1927).
   We can do better than that.  Can anyone check this on TIMES (London) full 
text?  Is that available yet?  The following was found on the web:
During the First World War (1914-18), the Canadian Salvation Army's overseas 
activities were undertaken as part of the much larger effort organized by 
British Salvationists. The affectionate nickname 'Sally Ann' and the familiar 
Red Shield logo also date from this period. 

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