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Beverly Flanigan flanigan at OHIOU.EDU
Mon Oct 21 19:01:07 UTC 2002

And the rice should be cooked with lots of milk, right? and for hours if 
possible!  At least that's the way we cooked it in Minnesota.  I still cook 
it at Christmas, and yes, I put in the one almond too, even though my one 
and only child never quite gets married even though he always (by my 
design) finds the almond. . . .

At 02:51 PM 10/21/2002 +0200, you wrote:
>Barry Popik cites:
>A GUIDE TO MALTESE COOKING (no date; 200?) by Francis Darmanin--Pg. 95: 
>"SWEET RICE A LA MALTA  Despite the name, this is not a Maltese dish.  I 
>came across it in Sweden where it occurs quite regularly on restaurant menus."
>This dessert is quite common in Sweden, more often in homes than in 
>restaurants, and especially at Christmas. The name is considered to be a 
>corruption of "Riz à l'amande": the dish used to be served with _one_ 
>almond hidden in it, and the person who got the almond was supposed to get 
>married within the coming year (cf. the French "Fève des Rois").
>Jan Ivarsson
>jan.ivarsson at

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