length swimming

Robert Fitzke fitzke at MICHCOM.NET
Wed Oct 23 21:11:49 UTC 2002

I swam in high school (41-43, two state championships,  Battle Creek,
Michigan) and college (46-48). We usually said "lengths" instead of laps,
e.g. "I did 100 lengths today." Other high svchool swimmers I  talked with
also used "lenths". Laps, however,  was not uncommon.

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From: Indigo Som <indigo at WELL.COM>
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Subject: length swimming

> On a recent trip to Wyoming, I went swimming at the Casper YMCA.
> While there I heard 2 different people refer to "length swimming" --
> instead of "lap swimming", which is what I have always heard
> throughout all my lap swimming life in California. Any thoughts,
> explanations?
> Indigo

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