Country DJ Too Southern for Station

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> Wednesday, October 23, 2002
> by Jonathan Serrie
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This is interesting.  But it's hardly surprising.  "Southern" accents tend
to be thought of by a lot of people as "sounding stupid and uneducated".
This is a stereotype, of course, but it doesn't stop some people from
thinking that way.  Conversely, certain "Brooklyn" types are thought to
sound "rude and unpleasant".  And in radio and on TV, *any* "regional"
accent tends to be frowned upon.  Some people with such accents even take
speech lessons to try to "get rid" of them.  But a trained ear, and one who
has been somewhere, can usually tell the announcers who take speech lessons
to "correct" their accents. I used to hear this sort of thing a lot on NPR,
which is one of the reasons I stopped listening to them.
Anne G

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