Selling the Brooklyn Bridge (1928 articles)

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   A middle initial threw me off.  Sorry about that.  Here are two 1928 articles.  The earliest NEW YORK TIMES hit is still 1920, but there is a "1901" date mentioned here.

   8 July 1928, NEW YORK TIMES, pg. 21:
_McCloundy, Who Once Sold the_
_Brooklyn Bridge, Faces Life Term._
   William McCloundy, 68 years old, of Asbury Park, N. J., whose chief failing was selling the Brooklyn Bridge, lots in City Hall Park and other property he did not own, was held without bail on a charge of second degree grand larceny by Judge Vaum in Kings County Court yesterday.
   According to detectives who extradited McCloundy on Friday night, he sold the Brooklyn bridge in 1901, for which he was convicted of grand larceny and served two and a half years in Sing Sing.
(Anything on WESTLAW?--ed.)

   18 December 1928, NEW YORK TIMES, pg. 33:
_G. C. Parker, Confidence Man_
_Once "Sold" Brooklyn Bridge._
   George C. Parker, 58 years old, said by the police to be an old-time confidence man, was sentenced to Sing Sing for life by Judge McLaughlin in the Kings County Court yesterday.
   His early exploits are said to have included the "sale" of the Brooklyn Bridge...
(Again, WESTLAW?--ed.)

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