Jokes as Sources of Phrases

Leslie Savan savan at EROLS.COM
Thu Oct 24 15:57:19 UTC 2002

That sounds great. I'll ask Jolie.

Mark A Mandel wrote:
> On Wed, 23 Oct 2002, Fred Shapiro wrote:
> #So it looks like the phrase may have originated in a joke.  I wonder how
> #many others had joke origins.  Legman indicates elsewhere that "don't make
> #waves" originated as the punchline of a scatological joke.  My researches
> #suggest that "there's no such thing as a free lunch" originated as the
> #punchline of an economists' joke.
> Cf. "Where were you when the shit hit the fan?"
> Somewhat similarly, growing up in the fifties and sixties and reading,
> inter alia, my parents' and grandparents' old books and magazines, I
> gradually reconstructed the original of "That was no X, that was my Y!"
> from all the parodies and half-quotes that assumed that it was (overly?)
> well known to the reader.
> -- Mark A. Mandel

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