Grey Zone (continued); Kosher Conspiracy

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GREY ZONE (continued)

   9 January 1931, NEW YORK TIMES, pg. 22:
_The Great Gray_
_Zone of Crime_
   There is a twilight area of crime--inhabited by the bootlegger, the
professional gambler, the racketeer, the blackmailer--which may be called the
gray zone.  It rests between the white zone--the law-abiding people--and the
black zone, whose members are the ruthless murderers and desperadoes.
(This article  appeared two days later in the Magazine section...OED has 1960
for "twilight area"--ed.)

   7 June 1931, NEW YORK TIMES, pg. 14:
(A map of China is shown--ed.)

   20 May 1951, NEW YORK TIMES, pg. 4:
   The Admiral outlined the United States program for the present period
which he described as "the grey area" between all-out war and peace.

   22 February 1959, NEW YORK TIMES, pg. 64:
_"Gray Belt" of Decay Likely to Grow, Study of Trends in 12 Regions Finds_
(...)   In this expanding gray area Dr. Vernon predicted in his report a
long-run decline in the intensive use of space as sites for homes and jobs.
(OED has 1963 for this "gray area"--ed.)

   13 August 1960, NEW YORK TIMES, pg. 14:
_The City's "Gray Areas"_
(...)  First priority for renewal resulting from the survey is expected to go
to New York's so-called "gray areas"--blighted neighborhoods that have not
yet sunk to slum depths.



_British Views of American Jews_
_The "Kosher Conspiracy" Misconception_
--NEW YORK SUN, 24 October 2002, pg. 7, cols. 2-3 headline.

   "Kosher Conspiracy" got big play earlier this year from an article in the
NEW STATESMAN.  (This same publication, just about a week earlier, said that
TAD coined "hot dog.")
   "Kosher Conspiracy" was not coined just this year.  Google Groups has it
from 1992.  It means literally that.  People believe that "kosher" on a
product raises its price, and that the money goes to the Jews (who, by the
way, were all warned in advance about the World Trade Center).
   How old is this term?

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