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Here's another tribute to Don, this from the man who is "Mr. Placenames" in
the US.

Frank Abate

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I have known and admired Don Lance for almost 20 years. He was a man of
obvious intellect with a deliberate yet tempered approach to everything. I
am sure that most know of his accomplishments in linguistics and
dialectology, and perhaps in scholarly aspects of toponymy, but Don's
untiring efforts were apparent in the realm of applied toponymy as well.
Don's interest in applied toponymy greatly benefited the nation and the
people of Missouri because Don was instrumental, if not totally,
responsible for coordinating and assuring that the extensive compilation of
geographic names for Missouri was accomplished in support of the National
Geographic Names Data Compilation Program. He was also responsible for
establishing and coordinating the Missouri State Board on Geographic Names,
which speaks on behalf of the State in matters of toponymy, and has
accomplished much under Don's leadership. Don orchestrated all of this from
"behind the scenes" in many cases, allowing others to participate fully. In
2000, Don hosted the annual meeting of the Council of Geographic Names
Authorities as another demonstration of his untiring dedication. I shall
miss him as a friend and a colleague, and the wide community of the study
of all aspects of language will miss him.

Roger L. Payne

Executive Secretary,

U.S. Board on Geographic Names

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