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I don't quite follow this.  The motivation may be to break up a consonant
cluster (as other posted examples indicate), but the result in this
particular case is a metathesis.  I.e., it isn't *[rilt at r] > [ril at t@r] but
[ri at lt@r] > [ril at t@r].


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> Nope, your respelling makes this look like "transposition" (which
> implies "metathesis" to us speakers of the arcane tongue), but that
> is not the motivation here at all. What you want to note is simply
> insertion (of a schwa) to break up the clumsy consonant-to-consonant
> transition (or "cluster") of l+t. IN fact, although it is slightly
> more complex, that is, after all, whjat is going on in the "nuclear"
> example as well (where k+l is the villain).
> dInIs
>> Another common transposition I frequently hear is "relator" for
>> "realtor".
>> Bob
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>>>  P.S.  On a possibly-related phonetic subject:  has anyone else noticed
>>>  "judiciary" being pronounced as /joo 'dish oo eir ee/?  From my days
>> living
>>>  in DC I remember hearing on the Metro PA speakers "the next station
>>>  stop
>> is
>>>  Judishooairy Square".
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