Espresso, Biscotti (Baedeker, 1928)

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   Greetings from the Library of Congress in Washington.
   I read the November 2002 SAVEUR on the way down.  There's a lead story about Clementine Paddleford.  The SAVEUR senior editor had never heard of her until two years ago.  To research the article, the editor got her expenses paid to visit Kansas.  That's lifetime earnings to me (with no expenses paid)...There are stories on sukiyaki, gorditas--all stuff I did first cites for.  Then there's a cover story on New York State apples called "Big Apples."  No way that anyone on the staff has heard of my work.  Maybe I don't work hard enough?
   No "five-way chilli" ad in the Cincinnati phonebooks I requested so far.  Maybe the Key West phonebooks will give me some pie.
   For "moot court," add a "moot court competition."  I doubt that Thomas Jefferson coined "moot court" in 1788.  What's the first entry in a law dictionary, and why isn't that cited?  Maybe those OED-lawyer guys in that March 2002 ABA JOURNAL article have something?

by Karl Baedeker
Third Revised Edition
Leipzig: Karl Baedeker, Publisher

   For some reason, there doesn't seem to be other ITALY editions between 1911 and 1928.  This is the same stuff, but two years earlier than the 1930 that I'd posted.

Pg. XXI:
_Risotto_ (_alla milanese_), rich stewed rice (with saffron).

_Pane_, bread.

   Coffee is generally drunk black (_caffe_ or _caffe nero_; 60 c.--1 1/2 _L_ per cup); it is often prepared specially (_espresso_) for each customer and is then excellent.  "Caffe _e_ latte" means coffe and milk served separately; a large cup of _caffe latte_ (cafe au lait) costs 1-1 1/2 _L._ (a _cappuccino_, or small cup, is cheaper), a cup of chocolate (-cioccolata_) 1 1/2-2 _L._, biscuits (_biscotti_) and little cakes (_paste_) 40, 60, 80 c. each.

Pg. 238 (Rome Restaurants, Cafes): these two grilling ("rosticcerie") a specialty...
   ..._Alfredo_, Via della Scrofa 104a (pl. C, 3)...
(Doesn't Alfredo's have a specialty??--ed.)

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