O.T. Query: back of U.S. one-dollar bill

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Thu Oct 31 04:09:45 UTC 2002

>1) What does the pyramid symbolize?
>2) What is the symbolism of the eye in the triangle (with the
>triangle seemingly being the top of the pyramid but for some reason
>detached from it)?
>3) What exactly does the Latin "Annuit Coeptis" mean?
>4) What exactly is the meaning of the Latin "Novus Ordo Seclorum"? It
>looks like "New Order of the Ages," but what exactly does this mean?

(1) Probably the construction of a durable edifice (i.e., the nation).
(2) Apparently Providence, or God, watching over the undertaking.
(3) "Annuit coeptis" -- apparently following Virgil -- means "[He/it]
assents-to/looks-favorably-upon [the] undertaking".
(4) Also apparently based on a line from Virgil: alternate glosses would
include "series" for "order", "centuries" or "generations" for "ages". So I
think the idea is "a new [long] epoch" or so.

Here is a brief summary which agrees with other things I've seen. This
addresses the story about Masonic influences.


I deny any expertise.

-- Doug Wilson

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