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Robert Hartwell Fiske Vocabula at AOL.COM
Tue Sep 3 15:44:51 UTC 2002

TVR Free to Professors and Teachers

We will give a one-year TVR subscription to all professors and teachers who 
require their students (six or more) to read (and subscribe to) The Vocabula 
Review. The Vocabula Review offers essays, poems, commentary, and more that 
you might easily use for classroom discussion and assignments. You and your 
students will have access to all of TVR, including 

• More than one hundred essays in <A HREF="">TVR Essay Archive</A>. 
• More than forty poems in <A HREF="">TVR Poetry Archive</A>. 
• Grumbling About Grammar, Elegant English, On Dimwitticisms, Clues to 
Concise Writing, Oddments and Miscellanea, and other TVR features. 
• <A HREF="">TVR Forum</A> and, if you wish, your own classroom discussion forum. Perhaps 
you'll want to use your forum as a place to discuss language-related matters 
or class assignments or to post short essays. 
• <A HREF="">Complimentary desk copies</A>, on request, of The Dictionary of Concise Writing 
and The Dimwit's Dictionary. 

And, once your students have signed up, we will send you one of TVR's $20 or 
$25 <A HREF="$25">special-offer books</A> or, if you prefer, a <A HREF="">Vocabula tank-top or mug</A>. If you 
have more than 40 students who subscribe to TVR, we will send you two items 
of your choice; more than 80, three items. Let us know if you're interested: <A HREF="mailto:info at">
info at</A>.

Robert Hartwell Fiske
Editor and Publisher
The Vocabula Review

The Vocabula Review 
A measly $4.95 a year

The Vocabula Review
10 Grant Place
Lexington, MA 02420
United States

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