fuggedaboudit, frog and toe

Mike Salovesh t20mxs1 at CORN.CSO.NIU.EDU
Tue Sep 3 16:46:13 UTC 2002

"Douglas G. Wilson" wrote:

> "Frog and toe" is like "heel and toe", which is used verbally (often >with  "it") like "go"/"make tracks"/"book"/"depart"/"move quickly"/ >"flee";  perhaps "heel-and-toe [it]" is the model for the more current >"hightail [it]". BTW, "heel-and-toe" would seem to be basically a >reference to dancing, parallel to recent synonymous "boogie" perhaps.

Not just dancing, in general, and surely not synonymous with boogie.

"Heel and toe polka" is (was?) a standard descriptive term for the basic
steps in one way to dance the polka. Polka rhythm: 4/4 time, one, two,
three-and four. (Played as strong beat, strong beat, three half beats.)
Steps: 1)left leg out to front to touch heel to floor; 2)bend left leg
and touch left toe(s) to floor at the right of right foot; 3)step on
left foot; 4)step on right foot; 5)step on left foot.  That completes
one cycle and sets up for the next, begun by right foot out to front.
Dancer's mnemonic while learning: "heel, toe, tap tap tap."

Despite dInIs's accusation that I suffer from Chicago parochialism, I
did spend my 3rd through 6th school years in Milwaukee. (That was
1938-1942. Since I'm only 39-plus today, I must have have been about
minus 25 years old (*) when we moved to Milwaukee.) Back then, much of
our time in phys ed classes was spent in learning to do polka and
schottische variations -- in the German tradition, naturlich.

-- mike salovesh   <m-salovesh-9 at alumni.uchicago.edu>      PEACE !!!

* See "The endochronic properties of resublimated thiotimoline", a
breakthrough experiment by Isaac Asimov, published in ASF (John W.
Campbell, Jr., editor) around 1947 plus or minus a year.  That was so
long ago that Asimov had only published two books at the time.  (One of
those was his doctoral dissertation in biochem, so it doesn't really

The remarkable thing about resublimated thiotimoline is its negative
solution time in various fluids.

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